Oyama Stainless Steel Rice Cookers

The Best Oyama Rice Cookers

Oyama stainless steel rice cookers are quality, durable rice cookers whose performance in the kitchen will satisfy even the most demanding cook.  Oyama rice cookers are known for being the best stainless steel rice cooker on the market.  Oyama rice cookers are particularly attractive to those concerned about the potential health risks of Teflon and aluminum.  The debate about the use of rice cookers with Teflon coatings and aluminum inner pots rice continues but it is clear that stainless steel rice cookers pose no risk. Concerns about the use of Teflon coated rice cookers and the potential health hazards they pose continue to be debated. Scientific studies have shown that heating Teflon to high temperatures releases a toxic substance that is hazardous to health.  Teflon free rice cookers such as stainless steel cookers on the other hand pose no such health risk.

The Top 3 Oyama Rice Cookers

If you want to buy the best stainless steel rice cooker, here are the best Oyama rice cookers and all available for less than $70 on Amazon.

Oyama CFS-B12U Stainless Steel Rice Cooker

The Oyama CFS-B12U rice cooker has a stylish and innovative design, weighing 8 pounds and manufactured to the highest quality standards. This Oyama rice cooker has a 7 cup capacity, stainless steel body, stainless steel rice cooker inner pot and steamer tray. This stainless steel rice cooker has an aluminum inner core designed for uniform heating. What you get is uniformly cooked rice without burning. The cooking concept is based on three dimensional heating of the base, sides and lid, giving you warm rice beyond the normal 12 hour keep-warm limit. The stainless steel rice cooker is capable of cooking different rice varieties and the steamer tray is handy for steaming vegetables, seafood, poultry or meat. Rated on customer reviews at 4.4 out of 5 stars, this Oyama stainless steel rice cooker is well worth the price.

Oyama CFS-B18U Stainless Steel Rice Cooker

The Oyama CFS-B18U weighs 10 pounds and is a well designed home appliance for cooking rice in a stainless steel inner pot without the Teflon or other non-stick release of toxic chemicals. The cooker has a 10 cup capacity, full stainless steel body, stainless steel pot and steamer tray. The B18U is a larger version of the B12U which has a 7 cup capacity. The all stainless steel rice cooker has received excellent reviews from happy owners of the appliance. This rice cooker is good for cooking all different rice varieties. Perfect for a large household or large groups, it yields 30 cups of cooked rice in rice cooker cup measurements. Some users have indicated that sticking does occur during the cooking process since it is not Teflon coated – adding a couple of drops of olive oil to the water will prevent this from happening. Check here for more information on this Oyama stainless steel rice cooker.

Oyama Stainless Steel Rice CookerBest Stainless Steel Rice Cooker – Oyama 5 cup Rice Cooker

This Oyama stainless steel rice cooker has white inserts and a 5 cup capacity. The new, improved stainless steel inner lid is perfect for locking moisture in and preventing boil-over. It has a stainless steel rice cooker inner pot and steamer tray. Triple layering of two levels of stainless steel and one of aluminum on the cooking bowl base is designed to prevent sticking or burning during the cooking process. The food stays warm for a really long time – perfect if you need to get the rice started before rushing off to work. This is an attractively designed appliance that fits into your kitchen decor and gives you great tasting rice every time. This Oyama 5 cup stainless steel rice cooker is an excellent value.

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Frugal Recipes – Cooking On A Tight Budget

computer in kitchen

Cooking On A Budget

Cooking on a tight budget is something that can be quite difficult at times (especially if you have a family to look out for, too) but there’s plenty of advice out there for those who want to create great tasting yet cheap family meals. There are lots of tips and tricks you can learn, some ever so simple – but it’s these little tips and tricks which will help you the most! The tricks is to change little things about your shopping habits, your cooking habits – and then learning some great recipes too!


Pick bargain food

supermarket produce

It sounds obvious to say it, but when you go shopping, choose the bargain food. Instead of purchasing branded goods and branded food, for simple recipes you don’t need anything more than the supermarket’s own-branded food. You’ll be spending half the money and it tastes just as good once it’s been cooked properly. A great example of this is Tomato soup.

Tomato Soup (using own-branded goods)


For this all you need is a few tins of tinned tomatoes, some dried Basil (or mixed herbs) and some salt and pepper. You’ll blend them all together with a cup (or two) of water, depending on how thick you want the soup. The season is the most important part of this recipe – so be sure to but some salt, pepper and perhaps even a dash of cream in there. It’ll taste delicious with nice toasted bread (which again – costs next to nothing).

Buy and Cook in Bulk

tomato soupEven if you’re a small family (of 3 or 4) you should be buying and making your food in bulk. It sounds silly but most food is easier to cook in large portions. Take for example a standard spaghetti bolognaise, lasagne or shepherd’s pie – if you buy the ingredients for these meals, they’re relatively cheap and if you make a large portion too, it becomes even cheaper. You don’t need to eat it in one go though – the point here is, you can freeze the leftovers and eat them at a later date!

Remember the Basics

Sometimes, we forget just how great the basics are (and just how cheap they are too)! Basics such as pasta, potatoes and rice can bulk up a meal and keep it cheap and friendly – keeping the meal from looking sparse or bare. These great little ingredients will make sure your meal is plenty filling, all while costing the minimal amount! Pasta bake is a great cheap (but yummy) recipe and keeps the family full and happy.

Pasta Bake (fun and filling)

homemade lasagneFor this great lasagne meal you’ll want to buy a big bag of pasta (which will cost you no more than $2) and some great pasta sauce (again – this should cost you no more than $2). You can then add anything to the bake that you feel would work well – bacon is a nice touch, as are peppers and onions – but choose whatever you know your family likes. You’ll want to cook the pasta through properly first, then mix it through with the sauce after draining. After adding whatever you wanted to add – and sprinkling a bit of cheese on top, all you need to do is throw it in the oven for 15 minutes.

Still looking for more handy hints? Check out these videos:

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