The Cheapest Rice Cooker Available

Great Deal on a Cheap Rice Cooker

We know…this is supposed to be a site focused on Oyama rice cookers.  So, why are we featuring an Aroma rice cooker here?  Simply because this is a deal so good we just had to bring it to your attention.  We don’t think there’s a cheaper rice cooker out there – especially once you take into account that there’s free shipping available on this model.

This is a basic rice cooker of course, no fancy porridge settings or tofu making features or anything like that.  It is a rice cooker and steamer so that offers a lot of cooking possibilities.  But for less than $17 you aren’t going to get a rice cooker that’s going to wake you up in the morning with a fresh loaf of bread. It’s also not Teflon free like Oyama rice cookers.  But, if you can overlook that you get a good basic rice cooker that gives solid performance, and that seems like a true bargain. Especially if you just happen to need a spare rice cooker around and don’t plan on using it all that often or are going to demand too much from it. Maybe you’d like a rice cooker to put in the summer place or RV. It might be handy to just throw a rice cooker in the trunk of your car and do a little cooking on the cheap in a hotel room while you’re on the road.

So, here it is –

cheap rice cooker
A $17 rice cooker

The Aroma 6 cup rice cooker

Aroma is a well known rice cooker brand and have a lot of experience making good rice cookers.  This Aroma model is obviously at the low end of their range but it’s still a good rice cooker with basic features.  It looks a little different from your standard rice cooker due to it’s steamer configuration and it comes in a coca cola red.  It steams veggies and meat at the same time you’re cooking rice.  Features include a non-stick inner pot, glass lid and a keep-warm mode.  Check out our picks of the top three cheapest rice cookers.